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Down Perm?

Korea's best kept grooming secret.

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We have carefully formulated our Serum to create the best experience for keeping stubborn hair held down.

Down what??

Down Perm: Korea's best kept Grooming Secret

It's good consumer-sense to stay away from anything advertised with "instant results" or "this one secret..." and we still advise to stay cautious of ads like that, but a down perm really is a hair grooming secret that gives instant results.  

 Inspired by popular Korean salon technique, a down perm prevents Asian stubborn/stiff/puffy hair from sticking outwards and relaxes the hair to hold it down for weeks with just 1 application! 

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The diagram below illustrates how Asian and Hispanic hair particularly grows perpendicular to the scalp causing it to grow outwards. 

Now you may be wondering how does a down perm work? A perming serum essentially restructures the keratin protein bonds in your hair. Over time, with pressure and natural oxidation (we call our holding period) new keratin bond structures are formed resulting in your new desired hair structure.

In fact, many Korean celebrities use this grooming technique to keep their look tidy and well kept. 

It's very common to get a down perm done in Korea, it's basically a service available at any salon. However, salons can charge quite a bit of money for this service (generally perms can cost anywhere from $60-$150) depending on the quality of the perming solution and the salon. 

Unfortunately, not everyone has a Korean salon in their town or the cash to spend on a perm.

We offer a product that allows you to get the same salon effects with a DIY at-home down perm kit

Our brilliant down perm solution encapsulated with super moisturizing seed oils ensured to hold stiff side hair down. Once applied, no need to re-apply this super effective serum for another 3 weeks! Not to mention our kit provides enough serum for 3-4 down perm treatments.


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